21 Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your bridesmaids pretended to love the dresses you picked for them, they were there to support your decisions, they basically were there for you every step of the way, they deserve much more than the usual picture frame or sewing kit. We scoured the web and found the best gift ideas that a bride could give a bridesmaid. Here’s a list of the favorites.

Bridesmaid Gift ideas

  1. Jewelry – charm bracelet, earrings, necklace, ring can all work
  2. Tickets to a musical or dinner theater
  3. Movie theater gift certificate
  4. An e-reader like a Kindle Fire or iPad
  5. A bottle of wine or champagne
  6. Glassware set, wine or champagne glasses
  7. A comfy monogrammed robe
  8. Silk pajamas
  9. Personalized stationery
  10. A monogrammed set of bath towels
  11. A scented candle
  12. A designer clutch
  13. Gift certificate for a spa day
  14. A cosmetic bag
  15. A monogrammed nightshirt
  16. A vase, you can even add the first bouquet of flowers
  17. A travel kit with her initials
  18. An engraved wine box or wine bag, you can even fill it with a bottle
  19. A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant
  20. Decadent chocolates
  21. A fancy picnic basket

Of course your bridesmaids will be honored just to be part of your wedding. But if you looking to find a special way to say thank you, we think these ideas will help. Enjoy the day.

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