Le Limo Limousine Airport Car Service

Le Limo ChaufferHate driving to Logan Airport? We don’t mind. As a matter of fact, we did it 3,684 times in 2015. We’ll be happy to pick you and your bags up from home or work and drive you directly to your terminal. After all, we go there more than 10 times a day.

No traffic, no tolls, no ride sharing, we provide professional chauffeurs, late model cars, bottled water and stress free travel.

Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
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Logan Arrival Procedures

  • All travelers arriving at Terminal B or C will need to call Le Limo Dispatch at 800-287-8970 upon arrival at the terminal CURB.
  • MASSPORT at Logan has implemented a new 10 minute rule for all private transportation providers.
  • Vehicles are required to check in with airport officials after the plane has reached the gate. They are then given 10 minutes to make their pick up at the terminal. If the 10 minute window expires and the driver has not acquired his/her passengers, the driver will be fined and the vehicle will have to leave the terminal to repeat the process.
  • This procedure was implemented for safety reasons to ease congestion at the terminals in case emergency vehicles need to gain access.
  • This procedure is being enforced heavily by the State Police and MASSPORT officials.

For information on ground transportation and the limo pick up point, Visit: Airport Wayfinder

Terminal A

Exit main entrance on lower level.  Limo stand is located at the 3rd. island from Terminal.

Terminal B

Coaches/Buses: Exit main entrance on lower level-Coaches/Buses are at the exiting end of each side of the terminal.
Limos, Sedans, SUV’s: Exit main entrance on lower level- go to “taxi stand”cross the street then proceed into parking garage-Vehicles will be at entrance of garage.  (applies to each side of terminal)

Terminal C

Exit main entrance upstairs on the arrival level.  The limo stand is located on the 2nd island.

Terminal E

Located outside (Exit 3 door) from baggage claim. Follow signs to limousine and courtesy bus signs. Cross two islands into parking lot –driver will be in glass booth.

Logan Airport has signage to instruct you on where to find your private scheduled limousine. All licensed companies are required to check in with Massport prior to arriving at each terminal. If you need assistance please contact our dispatch center at 800-287-8970 or a Massport official or State Trooper can assist you in locating the approved staging areas. Drivers are NOT ALLOWED inside the terminals and can not assist you with luggage until you arrive at the vehicle. Porters and Skycaps are available at the airport to assist you. Due to security procedures, a vehicle left unattended will be ticketed and towed. If you experience a delay in baggage or customs please call our dispatch center at 800-287-8970 so that we know you are delayed.

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