4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Getting Sick in a Limo

Most limo companies have clean up fees when passengers get sick in their cars. Customers typically don’t pay attention until they have to deal with the consequences of someone actually getting sick. But what’s the big deal? Well aside from it being gross. Vomit is considered hazard waste so there are strict OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines for cleanup. Additionally, there’s a loss of revenue since the car simply can’t be used until it’s cleaned up.


1. Supplies

Here’s some insight into the supplies required to clean bodily fluids:

  1. Clean-up absorbent powder
  2. Pair latex gloves
  3. Scoop
  4. Scraper
  5. Red biohazard bag with tie
  6. Quaternary Germicidal cloth
  7. Disposable towels
  8. Antiseptic hand wipes
  9. Pair of disposable goggles
  10. Disposable apron
  11. Disposable face splash protector
  12. Pair of disposable shoe covers

Then we need to buy chlorine dioxide (CIO2) gas to eliminate the odor.

2. Labor

Then you need pay for the labor to do the cleanup. This is not a dream come true for anyone on the detail staff so we actually have to pay a hefty bonus to persuade an employee to deal with the mess. And the driver gets a addition compensation because they have to deal with the mess and the smell during their ride.

Between the two employees, the hazardous waste kit and then the office administration to deal with record keeping and the extra time to coordinate billing, what seems like a burp gone wrong becomes a major problem.

3. Downtime

Plus there’s the service interruption on the vehicle while it’s being cleaned, that time translates into lost revenue. It can take days to get the smell out of the car. Having the car out of commision costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

4. Plush Interior

Finally, you need to remember there’s typically leather seating and carpeting that have to be cleansed. This is not like hosing down a school bus. So if your nauseous head to a bathroom, outside or tlo your own house. But please don’t get sick in the limo.

Cleaning up a limo after someone gets sick is a big deal. There are financially consequences that result from getting sick in a limo. Everyone wants to avoid that aggravation.