8 Fun Games for the Bridal Shower

The bridal shower can be very formal or an extremely casual affair. Either way, we think it should be fun. Below you can find some of the best of the best in the bridal shower party games category. If it’s your job to “get this party started,” these ideas might help.

Toilet Paper Dresses
It’s all about the wedding gown for this group of beautiful brides!


1.Toilet Paper Haute Couture

Divide the group into teams, and give each team four rolls of toilet paper. Pick one person in each group to be “the model.” Using only the assigned rolls of toilet paper, each team “designs” a high fashion wedding gown. Let the bride chooses the winner.

2. Shower Gift Bingo

Each guest is given a blank bingo card, with a blank 4 x 4 grid. Each guest fills in the blanks with the gifts they think the bride will receive at her shower. Each player can have the bonus of writing her own gift on the card, the goal is to fill a row of five horizontally, vertically or diagonally. As the bride opens her gifts, players cross them off your card.

3. Bridal Pictionary

Divide the guests into two teams. Provide a large drawing pad for each team. One person draws while her team tries to guess a wedding-related words or phrases: To Have and To Hold, Happily Ever After, Just Married, I Do, First Dance, The Princess Bride, The Wedding Singer, The Five Year Engagement, Bridezilla, Toss the bouquet, Rehearsal dinner, Honeymoon.

4. The Soon-to-Be-Wed Game

Before the bridal shower, interview the groom and ask him personal questions and get information about their relationship: “What is the groom most afraid of?” “Where was your first kiss?” “What’s does he think is her most annoying habit?” Then the bride the same questions and see if she can answer correctly. Every time she gets one wrong she has to chew a piece of gum or depending on the group, she has to have a drink for every wrong answer. If she gets the answer right, the party guests drink.

5. Scavenger Hunt in a Purse

Create a list of standard items you might have in your purse — start with the basics (lipstick, credit cards, keys) and work your way up to more random or adventurous objects (carabineer, condoms, dog treats).

6. Who’s Blank is it Anyway?

Before the shower the host interviews both the bride and groom and asks them to finish sentences about their relationship, family, etc. Guests then need to guess if the answer is from the bride or the groom. “I was first attracted to spouse-to-be because of his/her great__________.” “On our first dinner out together, I ordered__________.” “I think my new mother-in-law is very__________.” “My fiancé looks best when he/she is wearing the color__________.” “I’d be happy if we kissed__________times a week.” “I love when he/she grabs me in the__________.”

7. Two Truths And A Lie

Guests retell their funniest/wildest experiences with the bride. Each guest introduces herself and dishes about three interesting events she’s had with the bride – except one of stories isn’t true. Other guests try to find the lie in storyteller’s tales.

8. Who did what with whom?

Everyone tries to figure out what the bride did with whom. Hand out paper and have each guest write a description of their widest escapade with the bride. The host collects the cards and reads each adventure out loud. The guests have to guess which party goer was the accomplice in each instance. Party members can add confusion by guessing other guests even when they know the event involved them.

As always, be safe when you’re having fun. Try to avoid hurt feelings, drunk drivers and saying anything that will lead the bride to cancel the wedding! Of course, if you need transportation for a wedding or a night out, call Le Limo 800-297-4970.

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