Le Limo’s Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

It’s not truly a bachelorette party until you and the bride and the bridesmaids spend a night out, embarrassing each other. It seems like a “Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt” is good way to start some trouble. Divide into groups of 4 or 5 and make sure you have photographic evidence of your “achievements.”

Toilet Paper Veil

  1. Get you picture taken with a cop (preferable while not in a jail cell) -10 pts.
  2. Find a coin from the year the bride was born, triple the points if it’s a foreign coin. – 5 pts
  3. Where your bra over your clothes for the time it takes to finish a drink – 10 pts. for each team member
  4. Collect a coaster signed by the bartender – 5 pts.
  5. Make a veil out of toilet paper wear it for the length of 2 songs – 10 pts.
  6. Get a piggyback ride from a stranger – 5 pts.
  7. Find a guy who will let you put your lipstick on him – 5 pts./10 pts. if it’s someplace other than face or arms
  8. Get a guy to give you his socks – 10 pts.
  9. Black out one of your team members teeth (this should be done with makeup or some other peaceful means, no weapons please) – 5 pts.
  10. Find someone whose birthday is on the wedding day – 5 pts.
  11. Get a guy to hand feed you a cherry – 5 pts. for each team member photographed
  12. Team member doing a handstand in the bar (we cannot be held responsible for what might be found on the floor!) – 5 pts. per team member
  13. Find a guy to give you a breath mint – (but don’t eat it) 5 pts.
  14. Wear your hair in pigtails for the night – 10 pts. (this makes #15 more of a challenge)
  15. Get phone numbers from 3 random guys – 10 pts (going out with one of them next weekend, priceless)
  16. Find a guy to practice the wedding march with you…for 5 steps – 5 pts.
  17. Ask a guy if you can feel his 6 pack abs – 5 pts. (using your tongue, 15 pts.)

Now it’s important that the team with the most success is given a prize, even a crappy one. It’s good to have incentive to be foolish…YOLO.

Have an idea for a Scavegner Hunt Challenge? Add it to the comments box below.

NOTE: Le Limo takes no legal responsibility for any actions taken above. Act with caution and safety and only particiapte within the limits of the law.

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