Sweet 16 Scavenger Hunt – State Park

We recently had a scavenger hunt for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party. We wanted to share our list in case you wanted to use this as a party theme. This hunt was coordinated in a state park.


scavanger hunt

  1. A yellow rock (10 pts)
  2. A feather (15 pts)
  3. A pinecone (10 pts)
  4. Find an acorn (15 pts)

Take a picture of:

  1. Your entire team as a human pyramid and have a park visitor take a picture (20 pts)
  2. A butterfly (15 pts)
  3. A hickory tree (15 pts)
  4. Squirrels (10 pts)
  5. Animal tracks (15 pts)
  6. A Yankees hat (10 pts)
  7. A recycling logo (15 pts)
  8. The entire team off the ground at the same time (20 pts)
  9. A team member with a tooth blacked out (10 pts)
  10. The entire team picking up trash (5 pts)
  11. A picture of the 1 and the number 6 (10 pts)
  12. People on your team doing a handstand together (5 pts per person)
  13. A team member dancing with a stranger (25 pts)
  14. Team members posing like trees, under a tree (10 pts)
  15. Find a little kid making a funny face (15 pts)
  16. Team member walking a stranger’s dog (25 pts)
  17. A Team member in front of a green car (15 pts)

The group went out in our 26 passenger Land Yacht Party Bus. After the hunt they went out for dinner. They told us they had a blast!

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